About us

Nottingham Lindy Hop runs classes for adults in Social Lindy Hop, Vernacular Jazz Roots, Charleston and Balboa in Nottingham.

We are passionate about all things Swing and want as many people as possible to enjoy it all as much as we do. So, not only do we run our own classes but also share details of the many social events and live music happenings in Nottingham and across the region and also other classes in the local area.



If you’re exploring YouTube looking for videos to see what Lindy Hop looks like today you’ll find a lot of of performance videos for competitions which are hugely exciting to watch and be inspired by but not necessarily representative of what it looks like to social dance Lindy Hop and we teach social dancing Lindy Hop in our main classes.

However one good competition format to look at are ‘Mix and Match’ or ‘Open Draw’. Especially at open level. These dancers are randomly selected to dance with each other and the music they dance to is also randomly selected. Which is just like a social dance. No one knows what’s coming. The partners have to connect with each other and the music in that moment and it’s all improvised around the skills, rhythms, and patterns we learn in classes. Now obviously they’re still competing so there’s a little showing off in there too but it’s a lot closer to regular dancing.

There has recently been a big European dance weekender ILHC Europe 2022 which has a lot of videos on line to watch but here is their Open level, Open Draw competition playlist … it has the added bonus of a warm up and final all skate video in here too which gives you a bit of an idea of what it looks like at a social dance when lots of partners are on the floor together.

Warm up skate:






More info on swing dancing, it’s history, and culture:

If you want to know more information about the wonderful world of swing dancing I can’t do much better for now than direct you over to the amazing archive of posts over at Bobby White’s ‘SwungOver’ website and blog:


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