NLH Diary

Welcome to the NLH Calendar!

The list below is basically anything I’ve heard about or found out about that might be of interest to Nottingham Swing Dancers.

Our classes are on here to remind you to attend every week 🙂  then there are live music nights happening around town that sound like they might be interesting, organised swing dance social nights (local and further afield), workshops, weekenders and lindy exchanges across the UK (and occasionally beyond!)

This list is provided with the best of intentions as a helpful resource and reminder to everyone of what’s going on so that they can get their dancing kicks as regularly as possible.  Please note that NLH is only responsible for our own events.  Contact organisers/venues directly to clarify details where necessary.

No doubt there are heaps of things I’m missing – if you’ve heard of anything please let me know at – and if you want to drum up a crowd to go to any of these events then remember you can always post to our Facebook page

Happy dancing everyone!

By the way, if you click on the event in the list below it’ll expand to show you more details.

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