Olympic Opening Ceremony is almost here!

To all Nottingham Lindy Hop Dancers

Thank you so much for all your support over the last few months as I’ve been travelling back and forth to London rehearsing for my part in the Olympic Opening Ceremony which will take place tonight.

It’s been an amazing experience for me but I know it’s disrupted your regular classes quite a bit this Summer and I especially want to thank Barry for keeping everything running like clockwork along with Emily and Jenna for covering for me at the Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz classes – you are all stars!

There’s a small piece about me in the Nottingham Evening Post today and I give you all a big thank you there too 🙂


Well I have to sign off now to head to the stadium to start getting ready. For those that don’t know and are planning to watch it tonight, I’m in the NHS number (the one with the dancing Nurses!)

I hope you enjoy the show tonight and I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday and/or Monday when I’m back to enjoy teaching you all again!

[PS: I didn’t give the reporter my age in the Eve Post article but I’m loving the guesswork!]

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