Shim Sham Day @ Sneinton – Today Sun 30 June

Hello!!!!  Well after a fabulous time at Bakewell Day of Dance yesterday I’ve decided today is Shim Sham Day at Sneinton 🙂

As this is short notice I’ll keep the class structure in place so if you’ve only time to come along to your usual class there’ll still be something to learn but if you can make the whole session from 5:30 you’ll get the chance to learn so much more.

This will be a great introduction for anyone who has never tried it before, a wonderful refresher for those who almost have it down, but keep forgetting those crucial bits, and a chance to learn some variations and styling for those of you who now just want to make their Shim Sham fabulous.

Now if you’ve never seen the Shim Sham before here are a couple of great clips to get you inspired.  We will be doing Frankie Manning’s version.  There are several others but this is the main one Lindy Hoppers all over the world learn and dance together at events.

These clips are from Frankie’s 95th Birthday Celebration. The first is a huge Shim Sham event in Central Park, New York City that for me really captures how much fun this is to do with fellow Lindy Hoppers (I’m in there somewhere if you can spot me!)

The second is a compilation of Shim Sham’s from all over the world, put together after a YouTube frenzy much like the one we recently joined in with for Frankie99 which perhaps gives you a glimpse of the big world wide family we Lindy Hoppers belong to and how much enjoyment this dance of ours brings.

Ok, so I’m biased and you know I love to go on about how great Lindy hop is 🙂 but it’d be great to see lots of you at class today learning to enjoy the Shim Sham as much as I do.  Even though much of it is without a partner, it’s something we all dance together and many of these dance steps can be slotted into your Lindy hop later on too – here’s how Thomas and Alice did it in style …

Old School Hall, by Green’s Windmill, Windmill Lane, Sneinton, NG2 4QB  from 5:30 to 9pm  £5 (or £4 if you only have time for an hour today)

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