Learn the Shim Sham this Sunday 24 Nov in Sneinton

Shim Sham this Sunday in Sneinton!

Come along and learn this classic routine ever Lindy hopper should know. It’s great fun and something a little different.

It’ll be £5 and we’ll run the learning over the whole session from 5.30 to 9 taking breaks along the way where we’d usually break for a change of class. If you can only make a part of the session (at the times you usually attend classes) don’t worry, you’ll still learn a lot in that part of the session to make it worth your while. Plus there’ll be hints for those more experienced on how to take your Shim Sham to the next level.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Here’s a little inspiration in the meantime 🙂

Global Shim Sham for Frankie

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