Sun 22 Feb: I Charleston Nottingham – preview at Sunday classes

Hello all!

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that tomorrow between classes 1 & 2 (so 7pm ish) I’ll be showing a preview of our ‘I Charleston Nottingham‘ video – hurrah it’s here!

Last year all the different swing class groups in Nottingham came together to film ourselves dancing all over our fair city. It was a brilliant (and exhausting) weekend of thoroughly dancing our socks off in some fab locations followed by a long road to finally get it ‘in the can’ but after some truly Stirling efforts by the Nottm Uni Swing Soc team it’s finally ready!

The video will go live on YouTube on Wednesday but I have a copy to show a preview tomorrow. It’s all very exciting!

For those who haven’t heard of ‘I Charleston… the world’ here’s a playlist of videos of other cities around the world doing their thing 🙂

See you tomorrow!!

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