Learn the Shim Sham @ Sneinton on Sunday 22 May

We’re doing something a little different this Sunday 22 May at Sneinton – The Shim Sham

This is a mostly solo old school jazz routine that Lindy Hoppers the world over dance together at events and parties. 

We’ll be learning Frankie Manning‘s version to honour the great man in his Birthday month and celebrate the joy or our dance and all the fun we can have with it as we approach World Lindy Hop Day on 26 May.

Our regular Sunday classes will be replaced with a two hour workshop session from 6pm till 8pm to learn the routine and then we can social dance and practice through till 9pm. The session will cost just £5 and I know we’ll have a lot of fun 🙂

And all this fun will be housed at our usual venue, The Old School Hall, Windmill Lane, Sneinton, Nottingham – see you then!

Here are some clips to get you in the mood…

  1. I’ve tried to find the original of this video but instead came across this version filmed live at Frankie 95 in New York. Listen to the crowd go wild (I was one of them)! – Shim Sham really is Global  https://youtu.be/XTFh_Ty6YcE
  2. Here are dancers from Frankie 95 Shim Shamming in Central Park, NYC https://youtu.be/6OKcA1bLkQE
  3. The classic clip of the wonderful Frankie and Erin (during the revival years) demonstrating the steps … https://youtu.be/g2FyvoAi2ew
  4. This is a lovely Shim Sham inspired Lindy Hop routine from Thomas and Alicehttps://youtu.be/QYno_v0KkUs
  5. And finally if you want to know more about the fabulous Frankie Manning look no further … http://www.frankiemanning.com
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