Remember – new temporary venue – Sneinton Hermitage

Hello! So, as we’ve been discussing at classes, St Christopher’s are very kindly running a shelter for the next 5 weeks from our usual hall so we’re going to move to a new temporary venue in order to keep classes running for you. It’s not perfect but there’s a big enough space and a kitchen with a kettle – so you’ll still get your Sunday (and Monday) cuppa and we should be able to dance 🙂 

Here’s the address and a couple of maps. Sneinton Hermitage: Sneinton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG2 4GN

As you can see it’s very close to St Christopher’s. Parking is on street and it sits off a pedestrian  square. 

See you from 5.30pm on Sunday for Lindy Hop and 8pm on Monday for Solo Authentic Jazz 

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