End of block + Feb Break = Well done and see you again on 24th Feb 2019!!

End of ‘term’ photos!!

I love teaching all of you fabulous people how to Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz dance each week.

Here are photos of those you who were there in our latter classes in this first teaching block of 2019 – I know there are many more of you who joined us along the way.

In the above photo we have Lindy Hop Fundamentals (beginners and friends) at the top, Improvers (and Intermediates) in the middle and Solo Jazzsters at the bottom.

As we’ve now just come to the end of our first teaching block of 2019 (block recap lists coming soon) we are taking a – one week break – so no classes on Sun 17 and Mon 18 Feb 2019.

We’ll be back on Sun 24 and Mon 25 Feb with lots of lovely fun new rhythms and patterns and moves.

Enjoy your break!!

#happydanceteacher #happydancers #lindyhop #jazzdance #sneinton

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