Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Classes

Dear all

Here’s a well written article about Coronavirus and social dancing, like ours (worth reading to the end).

I will still run Lindy hop classes today (Sun 8 Mar) and Solo Jazz class tomorrow (Mon 9 Mar) but will be taking each week as it comes, following local advice.

Today, I will be focussing on open hold and no hold steps/moves in your classes (which was in your course plans anyway) and will still be lots of fun 🙂

I will be encouraging regular hand washing (20secs folks) and as always the hand gel will be out.

Hand washing technique – takes 20 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice to yourself 🙂 )

Official guidance

NHS guidance:

Nottingham City Council:

Please recognise your biases (whether you tend to under/over react) and your responsibilities to yourself and others and make sensible, adult decisions as best you can about whether to attend or not.

Kindest wishes to everyone.


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