COVID-19 – Classes Suspended (no classes until further notice)

Dear all

I know how important our classes are to the mental and physical health of so many of us (me definitely included) so I’m taking this step with a heavy heart; but with the need to protect our vulnerable people and try to delay spread to help our health service (which I work for) cope, I have taken the decision to suspend all classes for the time being. That means no Sunday Lindy Hop and no Monday Solo Jazz Roots.

I know that local guidance hasn’t asked for this yet and I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary just yet but the advice around social distancing is pretty convincing plus today I have a mild sore throat and itchy eyes, more likely due to hay fever than COVID-19, but it wouldn’t be right to chance it.

I will keep you all up to date as things progress and I’ll do my best to post interesting videos and information to keep you connected to all things swing in the meantime.

For now please feel free to use our Facebook page and group (search for Nottingham Lindy Hop on FB), our Twitter handle (@nottmlindyhop), and/or our Instagram feed (@nottinghamlindyhop) to keep in touch with NLH and each other to avoid loneliness during what may become an increased period of suspended activities. You can also message me directly whenever you need to 🙂

For now, take care of yourselves and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the earliest opportunity.

Love to you all

Lisa xx

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