Sun 8 & 22 Jan: Happy New Year and more Intro to Lindy Hop classes

Hi everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed our November class and Christmas class and Tea Dance despite the bumps along the road! It was wonderful to see so many of you turn up for both and with such enthusiasm. New faces and old, it filled my heart and I hope you all got as much out of it as I did. The first class back after two and half years was pretty emotional for me.

Best laid plans!

Thank you also all for your patience on the day of the Christmas class and Tea Dance as I battled to get to you after locking my keys in the car with all my equipment and party things inside (aghh!). Not the way I wanted the day to go for any of us but it did perhaps show off the best side of our local community. Fellow Nottingham swing and rock roll dance teachers, Terry and Lynn (Revival Dance), who had turned up to support our event, stepped into the breach with their speakers and ran a spontaneous class for you all. And the wonderful Tim, Debbie, Nina, and more doing their best to keep you all supplied with teas and coffees and meet and greet you all.

Thankfully I made it to you eventually (an hour and half after I’d planned to be there and 30mins after our class should have started!) and as far as I could tell, through my panicked stress haze, you were all having a lovely time, and with help again I got everything set up and soon got to enjoy the evening with you.

The Fuddle was amazing, thanks to all who contributed, you all threw yourself into a party version of the Social Big Apple, chatted, socialised and practiced your moves on the social floor. Those that stayed to the end enjoyed a fab few songs of friendly jam circle dancing that was the perfect end to the day.

I am so grateful to be part of this community and I’m looking forward to more dancing with you all as we head into 2023!

Supporting the Trussell Trust

I’m also really pleased to say that we raised £50 for The Trussell Trust Food Bank Charity which is going to their Emergency Appeal. If anyone wants to support their work, feeding those currently struggling in our unbalanced country, then you can do that here:

January classes

Our next two Introduction to Lindy Hop Classes at St Christopher’s Church Hall will be on:

🗓 Sunday 8 January and Sunday 22 January.

⏰ I’m trying a slightly earlier time of 5pm- 6pm. So doors open at 4:45pm with time to practice after class through to doors close at 6:30pm.

🎟 New price for 2023 is £7 per person per class.

More details on our diary page or on the facebook page or group events.

(Update for 8 January): Please note there is an issue with the heating for the 8 January class so please wear some extra layers to keep warm that you can remove if you get too toasty. We’ll be aiming to keep the side room warm with portable heaters and providing the usual complimentary teas and coffees so hopefully not too bad for you all)

See you all soon and here’s to a great 2023 for us all!!

Love Lisa x

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