April & May: Spring into Lindy Hop!

📣 Good news folks! I have some more dates planned for us all and after the success of our introductory classes over the last couple of months I’m changing things up a little bit so that we can continue to build and grow together.

I’m adding a second class (Foundations level 2) to our Sunday sessions for those of you ready to expand your repertoire and skills a little further while still working on the fundamentals.

The Intro class will become Foundations level 1. Both classes will be drop in, pay on the door. No partner required.

Foundations level 1 will be a similar level to our Introductory classes building all the basic rhythms and some initial connections and concepts. (Suitable to new and all level dancers).

For those who’ve never danced a step in your life and are perhaps a bit nervous, try to get to the first Sunday of the month class, but don’t worry if not as we’ll always start from the footwork and build up.

Foundations level 2 builds on F1 skills ensuring you have a good grasp of all the essential rhythms and patterns in Lindy Hop. (Suitable for those handling foundations level 1 material well).

Practice and social time we’re still keeping the practice and social time which will now be between the classes – all F1 and F2 class attendees welcome to stay on or join us early to practice, social dance, drink tea, have a natter.

I’m addition I’m very happy to say we also have a Spring Social and Fuddle planned for April 23rd which will have a fun all levels class at the beginning.

Pre COVID this was always our birthday dance – we started in 2010 so that would make us 13 this year! It does feel strange though as we never really got to be 10, having to close our doors in 2020 a month before our birthday. So let’s come out and simply dance and celebrate that we’re back, regardless of our age, and have the best fun ever.

Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you all at St Christopher’s Church Hall in Sneinton sometime soon 🥰

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Fri 31 March: Late Night Lindy

In addition here’s a reminder that Late Night Lindy are holding their monthly social dance at Bunkers Hill Pub (bottom of Hockley, next to Ice Stadium) on Friday 31st March.

This month is a Late Night Lindy special, marking International Women’s Day! All proceeds from the entry fee will be going to support local charity Equation – a Nottingham-based specialist charity that works with the whole community to reduce the impact of domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality. https://equation.org.uk/

They have a taster class at the start of the evening 7:45pm followed by social dancing. Beginners more than welcome!

More details here: https://facebook.com/events/s/late-night-lindy-international/159569816908162/

West African Dance Workshops from Beat Feet Ltd

The roots of the Lindy Hop and Jazz dance go all the way back to the people of West Africa.

I’ve discovered a fabulous opportunity right here in Nottingham to experience this culture, it’s rhythms, and movements in this series of free (Arts Council England funded) workshops from Jokeh Sillah and with live percussion too!

This is not my event but I would highly recommend trying these out. I certainly intend to amd we’ve been told by the organisers Beat Feet Ltd that we’re all very welcome!

More details here: https://www.facebook.com/beatfeetdrumming

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