13 Feb: Jazz Class at one-off new venue tonight

CHANGE OF VENUE FOR TONIGHT!!!  Unfortunately the Hermitage has been inadvertently double booked for tonight but I’ve rung around and found an alternative for us so our solo jazz roots class at 8pm (and practice session at 9pm) can still run. 

It’s a dance studio at the Brendan Lawrence Sports Centre, 35, Hunger Hill Road, St Ann’s (off Woodborough Road). It’s a great chance to use mirrors to help your dancing but don’t worry they’re not everywhere so you can not look if you don’t want to 🙂. 

Can you please share far and wide, so that everyone knows as it’s incredibly short notice?

If anyone has transport issues please let me know and I will try and help everyone get there. 

Maps are below … the red marker is tonight’s venue 

Lisa xx

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Remember – new temporary venue – Sneinton Hermitage

Hello! So, as we’ve been discussing at classes, St Christopher’s are very kindly running a shelter for the next 5 weeks from our usual hall so we’re going to move to a new temporary venue in order to keep classes running for you. It’s not perfect but there’s a big enough space and a kitchen with a kettle – so you’ll still get your Sunday (and Monday) cuppa and we should be able to dance 🙂 

Here’s the address and a couple of maps. Sneinton Hermitage: Sneinton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG2 4GN

As you can see it’s very close to St Christopher’s. Parking is on street and it sits off a pedestrian  square. 

See you from 5.30pm on Sunday for Lindy Hop and 8pm on Monday for Solo Authentic Jazz 

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Temporary new venue for Sunday classes

Hi Everyone. Very quick post. We will be at Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre for tomorrow’s (Sun 5 Feb) Lindy Hop classes instead of St Christopher’s. Same times, same prices and just a few mins up the road. Please spread the word!! See you tomorrow:-) http://www.sneintonhermitage.org.uk

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Yay! Classes start back this Sun 15 January

Hurrah! We’re back. Have you missed us? 

  • Lindy Hop classes start this Sunday 15 January from 5.30/5.45pm and 
  • Solo Jazz Roots will be back on Monday 16 January at 8pm9pm

Both at St Christopher’s Church Hall, Trent Road, Sneinton. 

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Happy New Year – start back date still unclear

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a great Christmastime. 

This is just a quick note to say that I’m still chasing up confirmation for a hall space for us to get back to classes this year.  As soon as I have more information I’ll let you all know.  

It’s been lovely to get your messages saying how much you enjoyed our last block of classes and how keen you are to get back to it. I too can’t wait. So I will be in touch again soon and will keep chasing for options.
Best wishes everyone and I’ll hope to see you all soon.

Lisa xx

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New venue – New classes – New prices

Hello everyone 🙂

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all as we start a new run of Lindy Hop classes at our new venue, St Christopher’s Church Hall, Sneinton, this Sunday 13 November 2016.

It’s the perfect time to start learning if you’ve never been to classes before 🙂

Now I’ve been umming and ahhing about this but finally I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to support ourselves as we move into the new venue(s) we need to rethink our prices. We’ve kept the same prices for the last 3 years or so now as I don’t ever want a lack of money to stop anyone learning to dance and I know times are tough. To help with that there is a discount for students and unwaged and do please get in touch if the change in pricing causes any issues for you.

Having said all that we’re only talking about a £1-£2 increase depending on the number of classes you usually take and so I hope this is something you feel is reasonable.  

Per person, the new rates are: £5 for one class, £6 for two, £7 for three (for students and unwaged there will be a £5 maximum charge)

Solo Jazz Roots class on Mondays at 8pm starting this Monday 14 November will also be £5.  

The practice session also on Mondays at 9pm will be £2 – though this will be free for those attending the jazz class beforehand.

See you all very soon

Very best wishes from a very excited Lisa and Alex 🙂

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We’re back! From Sun 13 & Mon 14 November

Good news folks! After far too long a break, we’re back! Hurrah!! We’ll be starting Lindy Hop classes again at St Christopher’s Church Hall from Sun 13 November for 6 weeks till Sun 18 December and Solo Jazz classes at the same venue from Mon 14 Nov for 5 weeks till Mon 12 Dec. More details to follow but I just had to share the good news 🙂 I’m so looking forward to seeing you all again. 



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Mon 12 Sept: Public Meeting re future of the Old School Hall

Come along tonight to a public meeting hosted by Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum to find out what’s going on with the Old School Hall: Meet outside the Hall at 6:30pm on Monday 12th September. All welcome.


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Our last weekend at The Old School Hall (at least for now)

Hello everyone!

For those of you who use Facebook you’ll have seen that, just over a week ago, we were told that our lovely Old School Hall in Sneinton, our home for more than 6 years now, was going to close this September.  I have been incredibly saddened by the news and more than a little cross about the handling of the whole the situation. It’s also awful timing given our recent August break,  however we are where we are and we must and will move forward. I’ve been busying away in the background and can now update you with the following:

– – – – – – – – – – 

1) Firstly: Bob and I will be back this weekend for one last hurrah at the hall! 

Classes will run at the Old School Hall this weekend – Sun 4 and Mon 5 September.  We’d love to see all of you (old and new) at the hall to help us say goodbye. 

SUNDAY 4 SEPT: 5.30 for 5.45 start for Fundamentals and 7pm for Improvers, (we’ll keep them fun for all) and then we’ll have social dancing from 8pm rather than our usual Intermediates class. Could be a bit emotional 🙂

**Please feel free to bring cakes etc for a bit of a mini Fuddle, I’d love to enjoy a few last cups of tea and coffee, a natter and a few dances with you all as we close this chapter of Nottingham Lindy Hop.**

MONDAY 5 SEPT: Solo Jazzers we haven’t forgotten about you fabulous people! We’re going to have one more class at hall on Monday for you too – Bob’s been dying to teach it again for ages – so we’re going to teach Mama’s Stew. This is a fun, high energy routine and I’m sure you’ll all love it. By the way everyone is welcome. It’s going to be a blast! Class starts at 8pm.  

Read a little more about the awesome Mama Lu Parks here: http://mikeypedroza.com/mama-lu-parks-mamas-stew/

Watch (one of many) you tube clips showing a version of the routine: This is Mike Faltesek at Stompology: https://youtu.be/a07oOkW_vvM

– – – – – – – – – – 

2) Nottingham Lindy Hop will continue – yay!

I’m currently in talks with the Renewal Trust who are committed to finding us a new home in the Sneinton area at least for the next year. I have 3 venues to consider so far and I will let you know more as soon as I’ve sussed them out. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates.

– – – – – – – – – – 

3) The future of The Old School Hall

The hall itself has been closed due to some structural issues that need remedial work to be carried out soon. Unfortunately it’s future is not guaranteed. Unless the community gets behind it and funding is secured, this beautiful, simple, historical, community building will be demolished in 2017. I personally think that option is an horrific prospect and intend to support the community’s efforts to keep it open. 

A public meeting is to be held on at 6.30pm Mon 12 September to discuss the future of the hall and as so many of you have also expressed concern about this building (and you are all so clever and talented) it would be great if you felt able to attend this meeting.  I honestly don’t know what impact we can have but the powers that be should know that this building is valued. 

More details about the meeting have already been posted on our Facebook group (thanks Becky) but can also be found here:


“Come along to a public meeting hosted by Sneinton Neighbourhood Forum to find out what’s going on with the Old School Hall: Meet outside the Hall at 6:30pm on Monday 12th September. All welcome.”

– – – – – – – – – – 

I hope to see you all this weekend. 

With much love to all of you who have made our many happy years at the Old School Hall so fabulous, Lisa xx

– – – – – – – – – – 

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Sun 31 July: Sneinton Summer Tea Dance and Fuddle

So this was us a year ago at last year’s Summer Tea Dance and Fuddle. It’s always so much fun. And now it’s time for another! 

I hope you’ll all join me in celebrating another year of NLH and the end of our Summer classes (plus I’ll be dancing to celebrate my birthday and the birth of my first nephew) Happy days!!

Here is the link to the Facebook event with more details: 


We start at 6pm and go on through till 10pm. All are welcome, wherever you usually dance.  The more is always the merrier 🙂

Free parking at our usual venue, The Old School Hall (by Green’s Windmill), Windmill Lane, Sneinton. 

Teas and coffees are provided but you are encouraged to bring an item of food (sweet or savoury) to add to the Fuddle table for us all to share.  You can also BYOB.

£5 on the door. 

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