End of block + Feb Break = Well done and see you again on 24th Feb 2019!!

End of ‘term’ photos!!

I love teaching all of you fabulous people how to Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz dance each week.

Here are photos of those you who were there in our latter classes in this first teaching block of 2019 – I know there are many more of you who joined us along the way.

In the above photo we have Lindy Hop Fundamentals (beginners and friends) at the top, Improvers (and Intermediates) in the middle and Solo Jazzsters at the bottom.

As we’ve now just come to the end of our first teaching block of 2019 (block recap lists coming soon) we are taking a – one week break – so no classes on Sun 17 and Mon 18 Feb 2019.

We’ll be back on Sun 24 and Mon 25 Feb with lots of lovely fun new rhythms and patterns and moves.

Enjoy your break!!

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Monday nights from 21 Jan: Learn the Big Apple (first half)

Hello! For those of you interested in learning the Big Apple 🍎 Solo Jazz dance routine why not join us on Monday nights for the next few weeks from Monday 21 January 2019.


🎬 The full routine was choreographed by Frankie Manning for Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers and features in the film Keep Punchin’. It’s a long, exciting routine but for the next few weeks we’ll be focussing just on the first half (the part danced in a circle) so it’s perfect for anyone who knows a few jazz steps or is a confident social Lindy hopper.

👞 Monday Solo Jazz Roots Class starts at 8.15pm, finishing at 9.15pm however the session opens at 8pm ending at 9.30pm to give you time to warm up, practice and cool down (and of course, drink tea ☕️😉)

💷 Cost £5 per person on the door.

🏠 St Christopher’s Church Hall, Trent Road, Sneinton, Nottingham

#bigappleroutine #jazzdance #sneinton #nottingham #danceclass

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Happy New Year!!

I hope you’ve all had a peaceful and happy holidays. Here’s a very quick reminder to say that classes start back on Sunday 13 January 2019 for Lindy Hop and Monday 14 January for Solo Jazz.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Love Lisa xx

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Sun 16 Dec: Christmas Tea Dance & Fuddle

It’s the most magical time of the year … time for the Nottingham Lindy Hop Christmas Tea Dance and Fuddle!!

Starting at 6pm on Sunday 16 December, at St Christopher’s Church Hall, Trent Road, Sneinton, with dancing, fun and tunes through till 10.30pm. £5 on the door.

There’ll be a fun warm up class and snowballs, jam circles, shim sham etc and just lots of dancing with top peeps. All welcome!

Please bring an item of food to share on the Fuddle table.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you all!!

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Sun 9 Dec: Alternate Venue – Sneinton Hermitage

Please spread the word – for one Sunday only – ⭐️Sun 9 Dec⭐️ – we’ll be running our regular Lindy Hop classes at an alternate venue:

Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre

Unfortunately the church needs to use our regular venue – St Christopher’s Church Hall – this weekend so we’re switching to our alternate venue so classes can still run – usual times – usual prices.

The Hermitage is very close to our regular venue and easy to find.

Remember this is ⭐️one week only⭐️

🎄Sun 16 Dec🎄 we will be back at St Christopher’s for our Christmas Tea Dance and Fuddle!

Monday Jazz class is unaffected and will still be at St Christopher’s on Mon 10 Dec.

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Sun 25 & Mon 26 Nov: Hurrah! Classes are back this weekend :-)

Hello everyone! I have two bits of very good news.

My Mum is very thankfully recovering well from her breast cancer surgery and has now been discharged home from hospital which of course is brilliant news for my Mum, my family and me and a huge relief that’s she’s over this first major hurdle …

… it also means that I will be back teaching our regular Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Roots classes at St Christopher’s Church Hall, Trent Road, Sneinton, Nottingham this Sunday (25/11) and Monday (26/11). So all round a Big Double Yay!!

Thank you all so much for your patience, understanding and support during this unexpected and difficult time.

I’m so looking forward to seeing you all!! ❤️

#backtoclasses #goodnews #happydanceteacher

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Sun 18 & Mon 19 Nov: Cancelled classes

I’m so very sorry guys but I’m having to cancel classes for another week (so there are no classes on Sun 18 and Mon 19 Nov).

My mum is being admitted to hospital on Sunday and has surgery on Monday. She’s in great spirits and so we’re keeping everything crossed for a good outcome.

I’m obviously really hoping everything goes well but also that I can be back with you all soon. I miss you guys!!

Thank you so much for your continued patience, understanding and support.

#cancelledclasses #poorlymum

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Sun 11 & Mon 12 Nov: Cancelled classes

Dear all

Unfortunately I am still unable to get back to teach our regular classes this weekend due to an ongoing family illness.

That means that very sadly there will be no classes on Sun 11 or Mon 12 November.

I’m so very sorry for the pause in our usual happy times but I am hoping to be back with you all soon.

Please spread the word.

Thank you for your support at this difficult time.

Much love to you all

Lisa xx

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Sun 4 & Mon 5 Nov: Cancelled classes – enjoy Bonfire night

Dear all

Unfortunately due to a family emergency I am unable to run our usual Lindy Hop (Sun 4 Nov) and Solo Jazz Roots (Mon 5 Nov) classes this weekend.

I am so sorry for the short notice.

As it’s bonfire night on Monday however I do hope you find some fab ways to enjoy this break.

Please spread the word and keep an eye on the website and our social media to check when classes will start back.

Many thanks to everyone who has already offered kind words and support. It is really appreciated.

See you all soon

Much love

Lisa xx

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Sun 28 Oct: It’s the Hockley Hustle! (so no classes)

Hello everyone!

So a reminder to all (please spread the word). There are no Lindy classes in Sneinton tomorrow (Sun 28 Oct) this is to enable as many of you as want to, to head to the Hockey Hustle!

This is a pretty awesome festival day in Hockley, Nottingham where pretty much all the bars host live music all day. You’ll need to buy a wrist band to get in, if you haven’t already got one, and the money raised goes to local charities.


There’s music of all styles that you can think of and it’s very relaxed and friendly and so a great way to explore different musical experiences. The best bits from our perspective are that Peggy’s Skylight is hosting swing and jazz bands all day. Plus Rose & George are coordinating two sessions of outdoor swing dancing too. It’s going to be fab.

  • Outdoor swing dancing:
    • Sneinton Market at 1.30pm
    • Fringe stage/Ice nine at 5pm
  • Here’s the Facebook group Rose & George have set up to coordinate the outdoor dancing (join for updates): https://www.facebook.com/events/292707524788266/?ti=icl
  • Live music at Peggy’s starts at 2.30pm until 10pm:
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/713248332379773/?ti=icl

    • 2.30: Shell’s Belles
    • 3.30: Angels in the Architecture
    • 4.30: The Jeannie Barton Band
    • 5.30: The Ed Marchewicz Band
    • 6.30: Lady Bird Jazz
    • 7.30: Swing Gitan
    • 8.30: Boss Magnet
    • 9.30: Me & Mr Jones

    Hope to see lots of you there!

    Lisa xx


    • Monday Jazz is still running on Mon 29 Oct. I’m looking forward to finishing up Al & Leon’s Shim Sham with you all.
    • Heads up: In November, Mon Jazz class will start learning the first half of the ‘Keep Punching’ Big Apple routine. Keep an eye out for dates and details. All welcome!
    • Lindy classes will be back on Sun 4 Nov.
    • Also on Thursdays through November I’ll be guest teaching for Oakham Swing!
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